Developing, Discipling and Equipping Children for Life

The Child Sponsorship Program (CDSP) is the most far-reaching of the programs, beginning with children sometime between the ages of three (3) and nine (9) and working with them until a maximum age of 22. With almost 51% of the population of Uganda being children less that 15 years of age, this program ensures that the registered child is holistically developed, effectively discipled and equipped through learning for life. Compassion, therefore, trains and equips local Church Partners to administer a broad range of child development activities in order to achieve this. A concerted effort is made to build a meaningful relationship between the child and a sponsor, in which the sponsor is able to encourage and support the child in his/her long-term development.

Compassion Child Development Centres

Compassion's holistic child development activities take place at church-based child development centres. Sometimes activities take place in the church building or the church may have another facility designated for the child development centre.

Programme activities vary in detail according to the culture, environment, or needs of the area where the individual centres are located. However, there are common elements in all Compassion child development centres which ensure that all Compassion-assisted children are given the greatest opportunity to be released from spiritual, economic, social, emotional and physical poverty.

Children who attend Compassion projects come from a variety of ethnic and religious backgrounds. We help the neediest children in a community regardless of their faith. However the parents of children are made aware that Compassion is a Christian organisation.


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12th LDP Graduation

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